MAX MOMENTUM focuses -strongly- on implementation:

  • helping you find the best systems for your life

  • supporting you as you put them into action

  • sticking firmly by your side until you get it right

MAX is also overwhelm-free, thanks to the fact it’s designed to help you build your systems from the ground up, week by week - so you can focus on the things that will actually move you forward instead of sifting through a bunch of random concepts and ideas that’ll slow you down.


Unlike most group programs that cut you off when the hour is up and your questions may or may not be answered in the weekly session, I won’t hold up your progress because we’ve run into overtime.

You receive LIVE weekly training and I’m available to answer your questions in every session UNTIL YOU RUN OUT OF THINGS TO ASK. By joining this program, you have made an investment in yourself and I am committed to helping you see it through. Seriously, ask me anything you want.

Between meetings, you can also turn to the Private Mastermind Community for help, discussion, brainstorming, and more!



Want some 1-on-1 time with me? Add 10 mini-coaching sessions to kick things up a notch. You’ll receive:

  • Mini Coaching Sessions every Sunday to discuss your progress and workshop any issues.

  • Personalized feedback and custom solutions so you can design systems to perfectly fit your unique situation.

  • Remotely co-work with me inside your task manager to set up your projects and tame your to-do lists.

Mini Coaching Sessions are offered to support you in organizing your personal + professional lives as fast as possible. If you want results fast, mini coaching sessions are for you!


While most other programs attempt to move you forward with a mix of general advice and self-reflective tools, Max Momentum offers genuine consulting, allowing you to overcome your unique set of challenges with crystal-clear advice and direction.

In other words, you tell me what’s wrong and I tell you how to fix it.

Don’t know what to ask? No problem. Just talk about what’s happening and I’ll help you find the solutions you need. 


#5. TIME

Max Momentum runs for 3 months so you have solid, ongoing support and accountability as your systems evolve.

That means I’ll be right by your side, support-at-the-ready as new challenges pop up…

AND waiting in the wings with a bottle of Billecart-Salmon every time you celebrate a new win!


Have you ever joined a Facebook group with thousands of members? It’s massive, right? And overwhelming? And makes it feel almost impossible to get seen?

This is exactly why Max has a truly intimate community. They’re exactly the kind of people you want in your corner: ready with good ideas, genuine support, and year-round accountability. 



When you put all these things together (focus + access + personalization + time + intimacy) you get the perfect conditions for big, meaningful results.

Because Max Momentum is tailored to YOUR personal + professional life, YOUR goals, and YOUR version of success, the question isn’t whether you’ll get results…

It’s what exact results you want in your life.

I’ll start chilling the champagne…🍾