A weekly accountability huddle for achieving consistent results.


Hey Goal-getter!

I am thrilled to introduce you to STONE, a lightweight resource for high achievers.

If you've already identified what you need to do to reach your goals, this program keeps you on target.

Weekly check-ins are one of the keystones of my private coaching programs. Now you can get the accountability piece as a self-contained product - without the expense and time commitment of a full coaching series.

stone keeps you focused as you take systematic steps towards making your goals into reality. 

This is for the focused achievers, like you, who don't need one more thing stealing their attention. It only takes 10 minutes a week to answer STONE and set up your week for the win. Then reap the rewards of your consistent daily actions. That's what STONE is all about. 

I've helped many clients reach their goals with weekly accountability and it's my deepest hope that I can help you do the same. 

With love and appreciation,

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How Does It Work?

You get an email. You reply.

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let's get this accountability party started!

Join now. I'll send you a welcome email right away to explain what to expect.
Your next email comes on Friday.

Accept responsibility for your life.
Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.
— Pablo Picasso


Why This Works

When you invest in STONE, you're taking responsibility for your actions. From the moment you reply, you are in charge of the decisions you must make to get to your success.


This cycle of plan - take action - review is a proven strategy for achievement. When you analyze the past, you can improve the future. Every week, your reply allows you to clear your head, review lessons learned, and renew your focus.


When you list your action steps for the week, you're making a series of tiny promises that become harder to break. Now those action steps are shared with me. And I WILL be looking for your email!

there's a lot of noise out there

STONE is about focus and execution. It's a low-touch, high-impact way for you to stay on target and achieve more. Your goal is to get more of the important things done, every week.

all responses are confidential

You'll report to me every week about your performance and your plans for the coming week. Your answers are kept private - they'll never be shared with anyone.


People Have Said:

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Will Katie reply back to me?

Every Monday morning, I sit down and read all your replies.

I really do. Every single one.

Because of the scale of this program, there's no way possible for me to respond to all the emails I'm receiving.

I seldom reply back to you.

+ Can I ask her questions and get live coaching?

That's a privilege reserved for current coaching clients. Packages start at $275/month. You can apply for private coaching services here.

STONE is a good option for you if you prefer to not work with a coach at this time. It's a supplement to your goal work, designed to support your existing endeavors.

+ What happens when I join today?

Join now. I'll send you a welcome email right away to explain STONE. Your next email comes on Friday.

+ What if I want to cancel?

Please keep in mind: THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.

There is no catch or hidden benefit here. You're getting 52 emails a year that you reply to. That's it.

You can cancel at any time by sending an email to support@entropyorganized.com.

+ Why does it cost $97?


How much is staying focused and hitting your targets each week worth to you?

How much would you pay someone every week to hold you accountable?

At only $1.87 per week, this is an affordable investment for a private email exchange.

+ Does this work?

It works if you set aside time each week to reply to the email + plan and complete your action steps.

+ Other questions?

Send an email to support@entropyorganized.com and we'll get back to you asap.


I can't wait to serve you!

My dream is to help you achieve yours.