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If you've ever set goals and failed to achieve them, or if you're thinking about making a big transition in your life: You're in the right place!


Hi! I'm Katie Matusky,
Life Coach & Founder of Entropy Organized.

I believe great lives don't just happen. They're the result of achieving meaningful goals on a consistent basis. 

I'm on a mission to help women simplify and get organized -enough so you can stop feeling so overwhelmed. I put you back in the driver's seat and help you reclaim your power.

We'll start with the basics. Every week, I provide practical and relevant tools every woman must learn to kick ass and escape the daily grind. 

You may not find the meaning of life in a clean pile of laundry, but let me tell you: when that laundry is done, you've got more mental space to start thinking about the bigger stuff that actually matters to you. 

That's when you can start living with presence and rise to your purpose. I'll provide the inspiration and motivation necessary for you to figure out what you want and how to get it. You'll finally be able to embrace your fierce self and do the work you came here to do. Get it girl!

If this sounds both exciting and a little scary, know that you don't have to go it alone. I'm here to help you perform your very best and support you with accountability to keep your momentum going.

01. What's a Life Coach?

In a nutshell: I help people maximize their potential in life and work + I help them reach their goals faster. Read this blog to get your head around it.

02. Why Do Brides Need You?

Not only will I help you stay organized and on track with your wedding tasks + budget, I'll give you some of the best tools I know to build a happy, loving marriage -right from the start! Here's a blog about it. 

03. But What Do You DO?

Meet with clients to help them maximize their potential, write about achievement & productivity, help brides plan their weddings, teach you how to DIY most of that, and give my dachshunds belly rubs. 

04. Who Even Are You?

Fair question. I filled in most of the gaps over here. 

05. What goals can coaching help me with?

Read all the frequently asked questions about my coaching services.


Life Design 101:

Required Reading

Here are the 3 posts I think of as a primer for working women who want to beat burnout and achieve sustainable success in their life and work. 



What is Coaching

& why do I need it?



4 Time Management Myths

& how to avoid them



5 Things Successful Women

know about planning

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My Personal Toolkit

Something for everyone: High Achievers, Housewives, Moms, & Brides


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I can't wait to serve you!


So thrilled you're here, and I'm ready to see you pursue your proud life. Passion never fails!