Imagine if by this same time next year, you didn’t have to desperately struggle just to keep up with your life, and instead. . . you just nailed it
- from your busy schedule, your family obligations, your business, and your social events, you have it #handled.

Your Personal Productivity Assessment is the first step! You’ll learn how to get more time back in your day and start running your life, instead of letting your life run you.


Boost Your Productivity in 2019

lay the foundation for your best year yet!

Book Your Productivity Assessment + Strategy Session


You’re overwhelmed. I totally get it. As a productivity expert, I eat, breathe, and sleep systems and I’m passionate about helping women take back control in their lives. If you’re anything like the high performing women that I coach, you’re also running careers/businesses and families and you find yourself giving to everyone else all day every day and there’s no time left for you to ever catch up.

What if you gave yourself just 30-minutes of dedicated time in a totally judgment-free session so that you could get a game plan in place?

As a productivity and efficiency expert, there’s one thing I won’t ever do: waste your time. You’ll leave our call with a packed list of action items and resources that you can start using immediately to take back your time and life  . . . and sanity. (Yeah, let’s be real. It’s all about being on #TEAMDOINGTHEMOST without losing our minds. 😆)

And for the record, we never lower standards.
We just create systems.

After this 30-minute session, you'll have personalized advice and recommendations based on your productivity assessment results, but even more than that, you’ll be able to brainstorm and discuss whatever’s been holding you back from reaching your peak productivity with someone who gets it.

You deserve a win. . . a lot of wins.
And you don’t have to do this alone.

Hi, I'm Katie Matusky.
I help you get organized with systems, so you can create a life that takes your breath away.

From managing family schedules to working to celebrating and everything in between, I present inspired ideas and systems to make your life easier, calmer, more organized, and quite simply. . . more beautiful.

Join forces with me so that you can quickly get the basics of running your life in order because you deserve to live a vivid, deeply connected, and memorable life. And you shouldn't have to be constantly hustling to make it happen!