How you spend your time is how you spend your life.

Our mission for this session is to help you get more of the right things done in less time, and learn to efficiently manage the rest. We’ll focus on optimizing your calendar, consolidating your appointments, and learning about the Aerial View.

How to manage your home without losing your mind.

This sessions is about all things Meal-Planning, Cooking, Cleaning, and Running Your Household.

 Understanding the difference between a responsibility and a project will literally change your life.

In this session, figure out how all the pieces of your life fit together into a cohesive, complete schedule for running your week.

Stop the madness.

Set your months up for success so you can focus your energy on the important things before they ever become urgent.  

Redesign How You Execute Your Work + Keep It Organized.

Setting up projects, systems and templates is all about saving time and cutting stress by establishing a collection of tried and true systems for running your life. Your goal this session is to learn how to set this up for yourself.

Feedback + Demos in real time. 

Receive feedback on your custom projects, see what everyone else is creating, and get live demos of project templates you need but hadn’t thought of yet!

Productivity is as much about managing your work as it is managing your time.

Learn how to stop underestimating how long things will take you, understand basic project management principles, overcome scope creep, tackle roadblocks, and make sure your projects are 100% ready to run.

 It’s time to decide: where is this bus headed?

Define your vision, set long + short-term goals, finish your Aerial View, and make your 90 Day Road map

Get expert guidance and validate your plan.

Follow guided exercises and take turns in live hot seats so you can set your goals and kick off your plans with a bang!  

Translate your big goals into daily action steps.  

This session is dedicates to setting milestones for yourself and figuring out how all of this is going to fit into your daily life.

You’re going to spend the next 10 years doing something.

Learn how to build the habits you need to maintain your systems and live like a pro.  

Your brain is not a storage container. And your filing cabinet is a wreck.

Design your personal reference section so you organize all the information you need to keep track of + find anything in 30 seconds. Family medical records, car repairs, call logs, home inventories, etc. We’ll cover it all!

Be the Ultimate Family Historian

Learn how to take better photos, then how to collect and organize them. I'll also demonstrate how to share them in a beautiful, private, and convenient digital scrapbook-style website. We’ll also discuss other ideas for preserving memories such as recipes, clothes, etc.