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Master your systems. master your life.

You've been invited to book a private session with me to develop one mini system for your life!

In this session, we'll workshop one common problem area and by the time you walk away, you'll have a fully developed life system mapped out.

You'll also receive concrete action steps and resources to make implementing your new system a breeze. 

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Here's a Breakdown of the Mini System Session Choices:

Appointments & Errands

- Stack + Consolidate Your Appointments & Errands to minimize all the running around you do. 
- Figure out what you can Automate or Delegate
- Create Maintenance Routines to keep things under control. 

Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.

- Decide how you will Manage Buying Cards and Gifts
- Integrate Prep for this in your Monthly Planning System
- Create a Reminder Process
- Streamline Your Wrapping Supply Needs. 

Cleaning Your Home

- Decide What Your Daily and Weekly Maintenance Will Be
- Identify the Best Ways to Tackle Cleaning Your Home
- Determine Your Minimum Standards and How to Fit in Deep/Seasonal Cleaning Tasks

Photo/Video Organization

- Create a Routine for Organizing + Managing Your Photos
- Build a Process for Printing, Sending, and/or Posting Photos
- Determine the Best Way for You to Capture and Document Your Memories

Travel Planning

- Create Research Methods and Discuss Resources
- Putting Together Your Trip Itinerary
- Tips for Booking and Travel Prep

Meal Planning

- How to Select, Curate, and Store Your Recipes
- How Often to Meal Plan and Tips for Smart Planning
- How to Cut Down on Time Spent Writing Your Grocery list
- How to Incorporate Family Requests/Sensitivities

Meal Prep

- How to Consolidate Meal Prep Time
- Determining the Proper Meal Prep Schedule for Your Lifestyle
- Develop Shortcuts & Back Up Plans for Most Life Scenarios

General Entertaining Game Plan

- Event Planning & Development
- Party Decor & Ambiance
- Timeline Management
- Generate Ideas for Great Gatherings, Big & Small

Hosting a Holiday

- Event Planning & Practical Considerations
- Party Decor & Ambiance
- Timeline Management
- Create Your Entire Holiday Gathering Plan

Getting Ahead of Christmas

- Develop a Custom Timeline for Spreading out Your Christmas Tasks Across a Few Months
- Seasonal Ideas for Boosting Enjoyment
- Create Your Entire Christmas Game Plan