Welcome to the Entropy Organized Members-Only Slack Group. This is the place to get help, share ideas and inspiration, ask questions, vent or celebrate! We're all here to get better at something, so feel free to introduce yourself and make some friends.

To keep this space as amazing as possible, we have a few guidelines.

1. Please do not Private Message me on Slack. Why? It is more beneficial to the group if all questions and answers post here. This way, the responses can be available to everyone! 

For the same reasons, please don't email me directly looking for help. It's always better to share in the group so everyone can benefit. You'll get answers faster this way too.

2. Very important - No negativity, hating, bitching, spamming or anything else like that. We will remove you from the group if this happens. Sorry, not sorry.

3. If you are experiencing tech issues with the EO website, courses, or emails: message us in the #tech-support channel and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please allow 24 business hours for a response.

4. If you are having a problem and one of the people here is nice enough to offer help, please use caution. Keep personal info private, don't give access (or passwords) to anyone you don't know and trust. Above all, use common sense. If something seems weird or unsafe, listen to your gut. If they make a mistake, or if something breaks, then you want to make sure you took all necessary precautions.

5. This is PROMO-FREE group. We offer opportunities to share your wins, etc each week. Please keep your promos to those posts. Any other time, we will delete them.

6. Entropy Organized reserves the right to remove posts and users who breach these guidelines. We will do so permanently and without notice.

It IS okay to share something you are excited about, ask for advice or a second opinion. But sharing something that is an opt-in bribe to build your email list or that leads to a paid product you sell, is a PROMO. I will delete it.

Hopefully, this doesn't sound too negative. We have created an awesome community and we want it to stay awesome. These guidelines will keep everything running smooth.

Also, this will prevent frustration if you send a message to the wrong place and we don't see it.

We appreciate your cooperation!