If another planner or “let’s get organized” book could solve the problem, it would have already. If Sticky Notes and daily To Do’s worked, you’d be the most organized woman you know. . .

If you’re like most of the high performing women that I work with, you’re trying to do it all but you may find yourself juggling so much that you drop the ball from time to time (or...more times than you care to admit). You don’t need a book. You need epic organization and systems, so you can spend way less time on the small stuff and start leading your life like a CEO.

I’ve helped my private 1:1 clients create lives that function well and feel good by implementing customized systems. My clients are now doubling their output at work, and they finally have time for the things that matter, like dinners with their family, regular get-togethers with their friends, and daily exercise.

And now. . . I’m opening up my new group coaching program so I can help even more women start rocking their personal and professional productivity.


A private, small group coaching experience that will help you organize every part of your life, so you can start getting all-the-things done. . . faster, & without overwhelm.

It takes A LOT to run the life of an ambitious modern woman. You cannot do it all until you’re organized. And there’s something that nobody else is talking about.  SYSTEMS.

By creating a framework of systems that run behind the scenes of your life, you’ll go from overwhelmed to in control. From not enough time to easily making room in your calendar for your priorities.

What’s Included with this Mastermind?

For you to achieve your full potential, you need to have the right systems in place to make everything you want to accomplish, possible. During the mastermind program, you’ll receive the templates, live demos, and personalized advice you need to make it happen.


9-weeks group coaching + office hours

Learn the system, then brainstorm different ways on how to implement the lessons & bring them to life. 


4 Quarterly Planning sessions

Follow guided exercises and live hot seats so you can set your goals and kick off your plans with a bang!


course content +
Homework & exercises

Lifetime access to all program material - so you always have what you need!


Access to Private Mastermind Community

Our private, members only, Facebook group is where you can ask questions, get accountability, help, discussion, brainstorming, and more!


workbooks & checklists

To make designing your systems, organization, and work-space as quick and painless as possible.



Access to Monthly Masterclasses to help you organize one specific area of your life each month.
(schedule of masterclasses below)

Here’s the short version of what you receive inside Max Momentum:

In just 12 weeks, you'll transition from being busy and overwhelmed to actually producing the things that matter most to you, every single day.    


Sorry for getting all caps-locky on you, but I really wanted to make that point crystal-clear. Because you and I both know you *do not* need another course.

You need a personalized solution, with a laser-sharp focus on implementation, backed with the support and accountability you need to see things through.

And that’s exactly what MAX MOMENTUM is.

Here are a few other ways MAX MOMENTUM is different from all the other productivity programs on the market…

Join forces with me to get your time back, achieve your goals faster, and create a vibrant life you love.

If you're not fully convinced that this program will get you the results you need, that's totally okay, go ahead and check out what my clients have said and convince yourself. 🙌