Design Your Cleaning Schedule

Ease Stress and Embrace Routine by Designing Your Cleaning Schedule Below.


Step 1: Design Your Cleaning Schedule.

A quick worksheet to help you figure out your cleaning schedule. 

Read the more about designing your cleaning routines here.  


Step 2: Tackle Seasonal Cleaning and Home Maintenance. 

A list of recommended cleaning and home maintenance tasks broken down into daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal columns.


Step 3: Make it a Habit!

Become the person you most want to be, one new habit at a time, with my Habit Creation Guide.


Step 4: Print this Habit Tracking Worksheet to Help You Stay On Track

Build new habits and routines with my Habit Chain Worksheet. Use it to track your progress and stay motivated.

Don't break the chain!


Enjoy the peaceful, clean home you've created!