Sometimes You Just Need a Fresh Start.

If you're feeling stuck or like you've lost direction, you're in the right place. Follow these steps to get back on track.


Step 1: Listen to the EO Life Design Audio Training.

Build a happier life! Get in touch with your mission and focus on what matters most in this new audio training.


Step 2: Complete Your Fresh Start Road Map.

When you need to do some soul searching and start over, this workbook will guide you through it!


Step 3: Outline Your Dreams for this Year. 

A fun way to pencil in a few goals for each area of your life. A great tool for living a well-rounded life!


Step 4: Outline Your Priorities.

A great addition to weekly planning! Rank your tasks and determine what gets priority and what can wait.


Step 5: Map Your Week. 

Design your best week by mapping everything out on one page. Prevent over-scheduling and out of sync priorities through high level planning.


Step 6: Set Your Days Up For Success. 

This is the dashboard for your day! Write in your schedule/time chunks in the left column. Then fill in tasks to be performed during those time slots beside them in the right column.


Get Back on the Road & Take Charge of Your Destiny!