You're Ready to Create A New Habit!

Follow these 4 steps to create your first new habit:


Step 1: Download & Print Your Habit Creation Guide.

This will explain the process behind how to successfully create a new habit. It's loaded with tips & tricks to set you up for success! You'll learn everything you need to know as you move through each stage of the process. 


Step 2: Print Your Habit Chain Worksheet.

Hang it up somewhere you can see it every day. Every time you complete your new habit action, cross off the corresponding box for that day. The goal is to not miss a day, or, don't break the chain! Using this worksheet will help you keep up your momentum and stay on target so you can finally conquer your new habit!


Step 3: Declare your Goal.

Announce your goal in the EO Facebook Page!  People who put their goals in writing are much more likely to actually achieve them. Give yourself an extra push of momentum and get to know others who are creating their own new habits. Do it now!


Step 4: Sign Up for the EO Habit Building Challenge!

begins october 2nd!

EO will help hold you accountable by checking in with you on your progress and giving you regular tips for success. We can celebrate your wins together. Sign up now!


Great job! You're all set up.

All that's left to do is start crushing your goal, daily.

What are you waiting for?

Get going!