5 Steps to Conquer September

Set some goals and take advantage of opportunities to really enjoy this month!


Step 1: Find Some Fun Things To Do this Month.

A list of fun suggestions of ways to embrace the present. Circle your favorites!


Step 2: Create your Fall Bucket List

Plan your ideal fall with this fall bucket list! Get your ideas on paper, then schedule them through the next couple months in your calendar!


Step 3: Set Your Goals for this September.

Set some targets for this month to crush your 2017 goals. Categories are included to help you keep life balanced.


Step 4: Tackle Seasonal Cleaning and Home Maintenance.

Download this checklist of cleaning and home maintenance tasks to do. Check things off as you complete them. 


Step 5: Assign all of the above actionable tasks to specific weeks.

When you sit down each month to dream about what's possible, take a moment to assign your goals each week. Use this overview to guide your planning each week.


BONUS: Bake a classic loaf of Pumpkin Bread.

My favorite traditional pumpkin bread recipe with a tasty crumb topping.


Have an Awesome September!