5 Steps to Conquer January

Set some goals and take advantage of opportunities to really enjoy this month!


Step 1: Find Some Fun Things To Do this Month.

A list of fun suggestions of ways to embrace the present. Circle your favorites!


Step 2: Create your Winter Bucket List

Plan your ideal winter with this bucket list! Get your ideas on paper, then schedule them through the next couple months in your calendar!


Step 3: Set Your Goals for this Month.

Set some targets for this month to crush your 2017 goals. Categories are included to help you keep life balanced.


Step 4: Tackle Seasonal Cleaning and Home Maintenance.

Download this checklist of cleaning and home maintenance tasks to do. Check things off as you complete them. 


Step 5: Assign all of the above actionable tasks to specific weeks.

When you sit down each month to dream about what's possible, take a moment to assign your goals each week. Use this overview to guide your planning each week.


BONUS: Make Slow Cooker Stuffed Peppers

This is one of my favorite, comforting slow cooker recipes for January. After the rush of the holidays, having a simply hearty meal ready when I get home from work is the ultimate luxury. 


Have a Brave and Warm January!