How to Conquer Birthdays & Special Occasions

Read more about this here! Then follow the steps below to set yourself up for the win.


Step 1: Create Your Special Occasion Game Plan. 

Keep a list of occasions for the current month and next month inside this workbook. The lists include check boxes for everything that needs to be done for each important date (i.e. drop gift in the mail). 

Once a month, complete and check off every task on the monthly occasion list.

Step 2: Order 1 Year's Supply of Greeting Cards

For feminine birthday cards, I highly recommend PAPAYA ART. For masculine birthday cards (and cards for kids), check out LAGOM DESIGN


Step 3: Print Card Dividers & Set Up Your Greeting Card Box. 

I use an inexpensive office box (mine is from Ikea) with paper dividers to separate the different types of cards.  You can laminate the dividers if you prefer more structure. 

Make sure to find a convenient home for your card box, so you can easily access your cards when you need them. 


Step 4: Create Your Signature Gift Stash. 

Download these gift guides and host gift tracker. Then stock your own gift stash! 

You can read more about curating a gift stash here.


Enjoy Your Stress-Free Gifting System!