How to Become the Ultimate Household Manager

Complete the steps below to set your household up for success. 


Step 1:Download & Set Up the Digital Household Manager Notebook

A OneNote Notebook template pre-filled with checklists, ideas, and organized charts to help you track all of your family's most important information.


Step 2: Fill in Each Section & Page.

This might take you a couple afternoons. Take your time and chip away at it whenever you can. You're creating a database of your family's most valuable information. The rewards will outweigh the effort!


Step 3: Print & Design Your Cleaning Schedule

One of the many responsibilities of the HHM is cleaning the home. Use this worksheet to design your cleaning schedule. If you keep up with your schedule, you'll never have to worry about cleaning your home again. 

Read more about designing your cleaning schedule here. 


Step 4: Print & Design Your Routines

A worksheet to help you design your daily and weekly routines. Use this as a quick tool to determine the best structure for your days/week.

Read more about designing your routines here. 

 Click Here to Download!

Click Here to Download!


Step 5: Tackle Seasonal Cleaning and Home Maintenance Every Month

A list of recommended cleaning and home maintenance tasks broken down into daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal columns.


Step 6: Begin a Regular Weekly Check in with Your Partner

A meeting agenda of sorts. Use this to check in with your partner each week. 

Read more about partner weekly check ins here.


 Click Here to Download!

Click Here to Download!


Go Forth and Conquer!