How to Be the Most Productive Human in the World

Read more about this process here. Then follow the steps below to set yourself up for success!


Step 1: Design Your Action Plan

Prioritize your goals and craft a tailored action plan with the help of my signature workbook.


Already have your game plan?

Skip the workbook and Download the Task Priority Matrix instead. 

Rank your tasks and determine what gets priority and what can wait.


If you want to increase your productivity and get more done, weekly planning is the key. It requires you to check in regularly on the long and short view. You can re-prioritize on the fly and make sure that you're really spending your time on the stuff that matters most. Weekly planning also prevents you from forgetting important stuff like Uncle Larry's birthday next week.  In this webinar, I'll walk you through my process for designing a great week. 


Step 3: Map Your Week.

Design your best week by mapping everything out on one page. Prevent over-scheduling and out of sync priorities through high level planning.

Get your Weekly Planning Checklist Here!


Step 4: Set Your Day Up for Success.

This is the dashboard for your day! Write in your schedule/time chunks in the left column. Then fill in tasks to be performed during those time slots beside them in the right column.


Step 5: Set up Your Digital Household Management Notebook 

A OneNote Notebook template pre-filled with checklists, ideas, and organized charts to help you track all of your family's most important information. Use it to create a digital database of your thoughts, ideas and dreams. 


Start Crushing Your Big Goals for this Week!