What is Flex-Coaching?

A unique coaching solution designed to accommodate overloaded schedules!

  • No weekly call requirement.

  • Binge-watch your way to an organized life. Receive program concepts, personalized coaching, and key feedback via bite-sized videos so you can learn on-the-go. Your personal playlist is designed to fit your unique situation and new videos are added every week!

  • Remotely co-work with me inside your task manager to set up your projects and tame your to-do lists.

  • Meet when you can. Every month, every 2 weeks, or whatever your schedule will allow.

Flex-Coaching was created to give you the steady, incremental progress you need without adding another commitment to your already packed schedule.

If the idea of adding another weekly meeting to your schedule makes you
want to run and hide, flex-coaching is for you!

12 Week Flex-Coaching Packages starting at:


Installments available by request.