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How to Conquer Big Habits by Starting Small

We're two weeks into 2018, and by now, most people have already failed at their New Year's Resolutions.

Are you in this boat? Are you frustrated because you thought this year would be different? Instead of packing mason jar salads in your lunch, you've gone back to grabbing takeout. Or, you thought you'd keep the house clean but now the dishes and laundry are starting to pile up again.

Why does this happen?

Because most humans bite off more than they can chew, right off the bat. And if you push yourself too hard too fast, you're guaranteed to fail.

But I'm here to give you a bit of good news!


You can still achieve your resolutions this year. Really! Change up your game plan to ramp up to your goal gradually. By taking small steps and being honest with yourself, you can get where you want to be.

Let's say you want to get in shape for 2018. Ask yourself, what is my CURRENT fitness level? Often, people who resolve to get in shape are not very active. It's important to know where you are now, so you can come up with a realistic plan of attack.

If walking to your car in the morning is the most activity you do all day, you need to lower your expectations. Trying to commit to a 45-day HIIT program right out the gate is a recipe for failure. Avoid burnout by setting a lower target. A better plan would look like this:

  • Week 1 - Do 20 Minutes of Physical Activity 3x weekly (any activity)

  • Week 2 - Do 20 Minutes of Physical Activity 5x weekly (any activity)

  • Weeks 3 & 4 - Do 20 minutes of Physical Activity daily (any activity)

  • Weeks 5 & 6 - Do 30 minutes of Physical Activity daily (any activity)

At this point, you're starting to get used to being more active. Now it's time to slowly introduce the program you really want to tackle to reach your goal. If you've been doing yoga this whole time, start to mix in new exercises a few times a week. Keep ramping up until you are ready to commit to that HIIT program.

It might take you a few months to get there, that's ok. It's not a race. The point is to GET THERE. And taking 3 months to work up to it is better than binging and burning out in 2 weeks. Lasting change takes time and it's ok to look at your goals as a daily work in progress.

This ramp up principal works for any habit or major life change you're trying to create for yourself. Rome wasn't built in a day. Give yourself a fighting chance at success by methodically working towards it.

For more info about how to build new habits, check out my Free Habit Creation Guide!

Now, get back out there! Tackle those resolutions one more time. Make 2018 your best year yet!

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