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Why Having a Gift Stash is the Best Idea Ever

Life is full of unexpected celebrations.

Your friends just announced their engagement(!) or your brother invited you over for dinner at the last minute. This is so fun and you're really looking forward to seeing them!

And then you realize it. You need to rush out and get the perfect gift for the occassion. Like, now!

I figured out the benefits of a gift closet in my 20s and I never looked back. Let me explain.

When I was 21, I taught myself how to knit. It's one of those things you either love or hate when you try it, and I knew 15 minutes in my life was changed forever. I had caught the knitting bug and I was eager to flex my new skills. 

A few weeks later, I discovered a friend of mine was pregnant. I was gleeful! I immediately began knitting a big, sunny yellow baby blanket for the mum-to-be. When I presented it to her, she was so touched by this homemade gift, she cried. 

I believed I had finally found my calling in life. Knitters love to surround our loved ones in hand-knits. This was bliss.

Soon, requests starting rolling in. My brother wants an afghan, Mike needs a hat. Beer cozies for my sister who's away at college, and an ear flap hat with snowflakes to keep her warm. 

Then 3 more people got pregnant. In a short time, my knitting queue was packed to the gills and my fingers were on fire. 

Why Having a Gift Stash is the Best Idea Ever

Under extreme duress, I went to my knitting guild meeting, where a sage knitter gave me the answers I needed. She told me I had to knit for babies when no one is pregnant and create a stash. Then, when someone was pregnant, I could have booties and a blanket at the ready. 

You could have knocked me over with a feather! It was so simple. Why hadn't this occurred to me?

And so, the gift closet was born. 

Not a "re-gift" closet. An actual gift closet where I keep baby knits, engagement presents, hostess gifts, etc. 

Preparing ahead of time has allowed me to give meaningful, beautifully wrapped presents. No notice necessary.  Now, I am always ready for life's next big surprise. 

Ready to create your own gift stash?

Step 1: Find your Signature Gifts and Stock Up! 

I have favorite gifts that I like to give for most special moments in life. Choose your perfect gifts for each occasion and buy a few of each. Three to five for each type is a good amount for me. 

I recommend taking time to think about what you want your signature gifts to be. Maybe it's a perfect ring holder to keep the bride-to-be's ring safe by her sink. Or it could be that one baby item no mom can live without. A fab designer candle makes a beautiful host offering. And don't forget a bottle of vintage champagne for your favorite couple's anniversary!

If you're looking for ideas, check out my picks for engagement, pregnancy, housewarming, and hostess: 

Step 2: Wrap and Label all the gifts!

Try not to get too hung up on the wrapping paper matching the occasion. I recommend buying rolls of metallic gold and silver to wrap everything with. Don't forget coordinating bows, ribbons, and gift tags! Make sure you label everything well ( I stick a post it on the bottom) so you don't forget which gift is which. 

Store your gift stash somewhere easily accessible as you're walking out the door. And don't forget to grab a card from your greeting card box while you're at it! You could even store them next to each other for optimal convenience. 

Do you have a perfect signature gift? Share it with us in the Facebook group!

Happy gifting!

xo Katie