Operation Better Life

It used to be impossible for me to have a successful day.

Like most people, I struggled with getting out the door in the morning. I would get to work stressed out and grumpy. Spending most of the day with personal items and tasks to do at the back of my mind, I would go home too tired to tackle them.

The house was always a wreck. There were dishes piled high in the sink, laundry never got done, and I couldn't find anything I went looking for. I hated that I always felt behind. The days were flying by me and I had nothing to show for them but frustration and a mess.


My friends told me they had the same challenges in their own lives. That it was normal to not get things done and to have a house that looks like a Picasso painting.. I could not believe that it was "normal" to always be so frustrated and disorganized. I wondered why such basic parts of my life were so difficult. Why didn't I have enough time to do anything I wanted to do?

I was a slave to the daily grind and I was failing at it.

Fed up with my current existence, I went down a self-help trail. I read endless blogs, books, and magazines about getting your life and home together. Some had good tips, but they often fell short.

I reorganized my closets, but they'd be a mess again in a manner of weeks. I tried doing one load of laundry every day, but would forget to dry the load 30 minutes after I started it. I was still trying to catch up on dishes and struggling to get dinner on the table. After a couple months of this, I realized all my efforts & reading weren't getting me anywhere.

Finally, I had an epiphany.

I didn't need tips and tricks or endless collections of coordinated bins. I needed habits, systems, and the discipline to keep up with them. At the end of the day, the only way this stuff is going to get done is if I do it. But I had to change my approach, because I wanted my life back.

I had to design my life so that I could get everything done and focus on the stuff most important to me.

There it is. The problem was me.

And so, Operation Better Life began. I had to take a good hard look at what my life was versus what I wanted. I started with a simple question: "What do I want my daily life to be like?"


I spent an entire day working on this question within each area of my life. It was a humbling experience. And this is where your personal Operation begins as well. It doesn't matter how or why you ended up here. It's time to take back your sanity and find peace among your entropy. Indulge yourself in a day of forgiveness and soul searching about what is most important to you. 

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Once you have your workbook filled out, the real work begins.

Remember, how you structure your life is up to you. Spend your time pursuing the things that actually improve your quality of life. And learn how to efficiently manage the rest.

That's what this blog is all about. I will teach new systems and habits in each post that will help you conquer your gorgeous chaos.

Until next time,

xo Katie