Hi, I'm Katie

I’m obsessed with helping ambitious service providers reduce their overwhelm while generating more revenue. 🤓

Hi, I'm Katie

I’m obsessed with helping ambitious service providers reduce their overwhelm while generating more revenue. 🤓

Over the last decade...

I've built a multiple six-figure business, I now have a team of five, and I work as a consultant for the corporation I left years ago.

I love working from home in my pajamas with my dogs. I’m earning 10x the money I was at my day job and only working a fraction of the hours (normally just 2-3 hours per day).

Even better, I’ve had the honor of helping hundreds of entrepreneurs from around the world create a life they love.

I wish I could tell you I was an overnight success,

but the truth is I struggled with confidence, I was intimidated by my first clients, and I had no idea how to run a business or set up my packages and pricing. Luckily, after I pushed through the fear, worked with many talented coaches, and took a LOT of clients, I found my way.

Now I’m taking all those experiences and my expertise in systems, automation, team structure, and operational efficiency and leveraging them to teach others how to build and scale their online businesses.

It genuinely lights me up inside to help entrepreneurs build simple, organized, and profitable businesses so they can have the freedom to live their dream life.

How I can help

I’m here to help you run your business in a way that doesn’t run you.

I specialize in helping digital teams be more productive by rethinking their strategies, improving their processes, and implementing solutions for success. My goal with each client is for ongoing, sustainable improvement, and every recommendation I make is for the purpose of increasing value for my clients. I balance efficiency alongside effectiveness.

Whether you are just beginning a business or you would like to increase the productivity of your existing operations, I can guide you toward success. If your project is not in line with my skillset and experiences, I'll gladly point you in the right direction and provide referrals to other consultants that I've worked with personally in the past.


Ways We Can Work Together

When Your Business Runs On Autopilot, It Will Prosper Like Never Before — And So Will You.


Private Consulting

You know where you want to go. We know how to get you there. We can help by building you a clear operational strategy and roadmap.

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ClickUp & Dubsado Setups

We’ll take the time to understand your goals, learn your business and then build you a great system.

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Fun facts about me




My husband and I LOVE traveling the world together! 🌍 We prefer to skip a lot of the touristy stuff and instead spend a lot of our travel time taking cooking classes, touring vineyards, and hanging out with the locals. Our shortlist for post-covid trips are an African Safari, Machu Picchu and Australia!



Hand me a tasty glass of wine and a cheese plate 🧀 and I am in my element! My favorite wine is champagne. 🍾 I'm always bringing home wine from our travels and I've curated a wine collection that consists of over 400 bottles at this point. Need a wine recommendation? Just ask!



My Myers Briggs is INTJ which means I am Innovative, strategic, logical, and insightful. TOTALLY makes sense with my love for coming up with solutions 😍. My brain thrives on implementation. 🔧

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