Calling all high performers, super moms, and women who grab Life by the planners. This is your year.
You can do it all. On your terms. AND keep your sanity.

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Imagine if, by this same time next year, you didn’t have to try to keep up with your life, instead, you just nailed it.

With a mix of neuro strategy, productivity hacks, and deep systems set up, you will fully customize to your life in just one day. If you show up live and do the work, you will walk away with a framework in place that you will use to run your life, for YEARS. And, after 90 days of implementation and support, you will never be “behind” on your life again. Once you learn how to design and implement systems in your life, you can never unlearn it and you will always know how to stay on track.

A Workshop + Coaching Intensive to Create Your Systems Blueprint for 2019

Before the Workshop Begins:

  • Take Your Personal Productivity Assessment

  • Meet with Katie to Design Your Personal Workflow

  • Complete Your 2018 Year in Review Workbook

One Day Workshop Intensive:

  • 9 Advanced Trainings (click for details>>>)

  • 7 Live Co-Working Sessions

  • Expert Answers in Real Time

  • Guided Systems Set Up + Tech Support

  • Templates & Checklists

The Next 90 Days:

  • Custom Made-for-You Project & Systems Templates

  • 90 Days Implementation Support via Voxer + Email

  • 13 Weeks Accountability Check-ins via Email

  • Private FB Group Access with Weekly Live Q & As.


We also have Early Bird Bonuses
available for a limited time only!

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“I honestly thought Katie’s Calendar Optimization System was kind of genius and ”why hadn’t anyone thought of doing this already?"

These strategies helped me design a week that maximizes my time. Every hour, every minute has a purpose and it’s made me become more effective.

I’m finally getting results!”

-Christine Rosko, Chicago, IL
Lattes, Life, & Luggage

some things you might be wondering…


+ How do I know if 2019 Unleashed is right for me?

The short answer: 2019 Unleashed is for you if you've hit your limit with disorganization and poor time management holding you back from reaching your potential.

We all have this moment where we realize we truly cannot handle to live under so much stress and chaos anymore.

  • Maybe you just lost 3000 photos you can never get back because you broke your iphone and you hadn't been backing it up.
  • Maybe you had a nightmare client who ran you ragged this year and you've finally accepted it's time to get your business boundaries together (hello, contracts!).
  • Or maybe you're just so tired of the endless demands of running a home and doing everything for your family that you desperately need to get back to being (and feeling) like yourself again before you're lost forever.

If you have had this moment (or many of these moments) in the last year, and you're ready to do the work to really figure out how you're going to organize your life with systems, you are ready for 2019 Unleashed.

Listen to your gut. If you're a little nervous but also excited about the idea of having systems in your life, you're onto something good!

+ Who is 2019 Unleashed NOT for?

2019 Unleashed is best reserved for those who are willing to hold themselves accountable and work towards their goals every single week. If the only thing scarier than not achieving your goals, is actually achieving them, this is not the right time for you to join this program.

This is not a crock pot situation. You don’t just set your calendar (and life) and forget it. You have implementing, testing, and pivoting to do to get lasting, quality systems in place.

If you're NOT ready to make big (hard) changes and overcome your limiting beliefs, this program is not for you. I don't want you to invest in something, only to fail because you're not ready.

+ How many hours do I need to invest on my end to get results?

Every client is different. The short answer is - as many as it takes.

My job is to maximize your impact to effort ratio and this workshop is the perfect way to jumpstart the new year. After one jam-packed day, you'll have the baseline you need to start executing on your goals better than ever before.

Just keep in mind, change is hard and Rome wasn't built in a day. That's why I offer virtual co-working sessions and 90 days of voxer/email access after the workshop so you can have every bit of the support you need to implement your new systems.

On a positive note, if you're working towards the right dream, the time spent won't feel like a sacrifice.

+ How much does 2019 Unleashed cost?

As a special introductory price, 2019 UNLEASHED is available for $1,495 USD. Prices go up after December 2018.

+ I'm trying to make the smartest investment possible - this is a chunk of change!

On the money front, I'll ask one simple question: What will it cost if your life stays the same?

I know how hard it can be to invest into any coaching or training program. It should be a careful decision made with your eyes wide open. And I might seem biased, but I truly believe that coaching is one of the most worthwhile investments I have ever made, personally.

I understand where you're coming from. We all have different financial obligations and responsibilities. But the real answer to your question comes down to this: Are you ready for a RESULTS?

If the idea of changing how you organize and run your life is scarier than the idea of staying the same, you're not ready. Maybe you haven't hit your limit yet, that's ok. Come back to this program when you're ready for a systems overhaul.

And if you ARE ready. One hundred times, yes! This is one of the best investments you'll make in yourself, your future, and your happiness!

+ What happens after I pay?

Payments are made online at the time you enroll in the workshop. All payments are made in advance.

Once payment is made, you'll receive a welcome packet where you can

  • take your Productivity Assessment,
  • book your Personal Workflow Design 1-on-1 Session,
  • download your 2018 Year In Review Workbook, and
  • download your Workshop Prep Checklist.

Following booking your session, I may also reach out to you with any questions or pre-work I need completed before our 1-on-1.

+ I don't live in Chicago, can I still enroll?

Upon enrollment, you will have the option to choose one of two workshops:

Saturday, December 29, 2018 8am in Chicago OR Sunday, December 30th, 2018 8am Online Workshop

Both days are the same material, the same price, and the same results. While I strongly recommend the in person option if you are in the Midwest, both options will give you the same results if you can perform focused, uninterrupted work for the full duration of the workshop.

Still have questions? No sweat!


Let’s determine whether 2019 is the right time for you to get your life ALL the way together.

If you’re still unsure, the best way for you to find out if this program is right for you is to book a free productivity assessment below. Completing the questionnaire and having a little one-on-one chat with me will clarify what goals we could work on together in 2019 Unleashed. This gives us a chance to get to know each other better, I can answer any questions you have about the program, and we can figure out if the program is a good fit for you right now.

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“Inside the workshop, I was thinking:

"Oh yeah, I need ALL of this!"

Everything just made sense and it was perfectly done.

I enjoy all of your workshops!”

-Stephanie Ferry, Chicago, IL

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“I have loved creating a detailed vision and the mini action steps help me stay focused.

Honestly, I have absolutely loved this program.

It has helped me in so many aspects of just taking control of my life.”

-Darlene Davis, Chicago, IL

Hi, I'm Katie Matusky.
I help you get organized with systems, so you can create a life that takes your breath away.

From working to celebrating and everything in between, I present inspired ideas and systems to make your life easier, calmer, more organized, and more beautiful. 

Join forces with me to quickly get the basics of running your life in order because you deserve to live a vivid, connected, memorable life. And you shouldn't have to hustle all the time to make it happen!