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We help entrepreneurs, business owners, and small to mid-size organizations build stunningly effective systems and teams. 
The outcome is an improvement in your client experience, team communication, and your bottom line.
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Private Consulting

Strategy & Development

You know where you want to go. We know how to get you there. If you’re unable to take time off without your business falling apart, or you’ve reached a point where you can’t take on any more business without damaging the quality of your delivery, we’ve got you. We can help by building you a clear operational strategy and roadmap.

Our key areas include:

  • Humans – getting the right people on the bus and in the right seat.
  • Technology – build the right toolbox.
  • Processes – taking a unique, individualized approach using Lean Six Sigma methodology, and others, for improved efficiency.
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ClickUp & Dubsado Setups 

White-Glove Implementation

Still doing everything manually in your business?

Don’t have the time to build your perfect work operating system?

We can build your existing processes and workflows into the software and then show you how to use the advanced features to streamline and systemize your organization.

We’ll take the time to understand your goals, learn your business and then build you a great system.

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How it works...

Our approach is an integration of systems & team support.

The truth is you can hire the best people in the world, but if you don’t have systems in place that allow them to be fully autonomous in their roles, you'll both get frustrated, their work won't meet your expectations, and you'll eventually part ways.

Conversely, you can have all the BEST systems in the world, but if you don’t know how to effectively communicate, lead or receive support — it won't matter, because again, mutual frustration, low quality work, and frequent turnover.

And then there’s one more thing you need... STRATEGY.

Because to truly get a business running on autopilot, you must get yourself thinking less about the day-to-day fires that are popping up all over the place and focused more on the higher-level strategy, so that your growth becomes inevitable.

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What our clients are saying

See what others have had to say after working with us.

Brandi T.

"First of all, I am ECSTATIC about how much working with you has helped me.  I had been providing services in this area for years but it had never gotten off the ground.

Due to the increase in leads and conversion rates with your systems and your help, I feel confident enough in this service offering to reduce my hours in my other business to focus on this.  🙌"

Ashley C.

"In the last 4 weeks, Katie has helped clear 2 days in my work week!

I am no longer being ruled by client calls and I have learned to create a calendar that works with my projects, while respecting my clients. 

Redefining my business processes and building my dream team helped me design a business that maximizes my time. Every hour, every minute has a purpose and it’s made me become more effective.

I’m finally working less while the business has become more profitable!"

Elizabeth S.

"You hit it out of the park! I am amazed by how much value you packed into this mentorship. Co-pilot pushed me outside of my comfort zone and launched me into booking some DREAM CLIENTS! I never would have done that on my own.

I LOVED everything! The format, structure, and content is GOLD! Your business NEEDS this! You need this as an entrepreneur. This is worth $$$$$!"

Nice to meet you!

Katie Matusky, Business Operations Consultant 

I specialize in helping digital teams be more productive by rethinking their strategies, improving their processes, and implementing solutions for success. My goal with each client is for ongoing, sustainable improvement, and every recommendation I make is for the purpose of increasing value for my clients. I balance efficiency alongside effectiveness.

Whether you are just beginning a business or you would like to increase the productivity of your existing operations, I can guide you toward success. If your project is not in line with my skillset and experiences, I'll gladly point you in the right direction and provide referrals to other consultants that I've worked with personally in the past.

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Dear Entrepreneur: Here’s How to Unlock Your Freedom

The desire for freedom is something that every entrepreneur grapples with at some point or another. Often, freedom is the main reason we get into this lifestyle in the first place. We want flexible hours, autonomy, and we dream of making a real difference in the lives of others.

Usually, when entrepreneurs talk about freedom, what they’re really talking about is time. Having control over how they spend their time, having more time to dedicate to family, getting more done in less time - it all comes back to this.

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How to Make Quantum Leaps In Your Business With Systems

Entrepreneurs always tell me, “I don’t have time to get organized right now.”

And, on some level, I understand where they’re coming from. Because entrepreneurs feel so time-poor, the idea of setting aside time to set up systems for their business seems impossible.

It’s easy to think that when you have more time you’ll do things differently. But the truth is...more time doesn’t come until you change how you’re operating.

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How iOS 15 Will Impact Your Email Marketing and How To Prepare Your Business for the New Normal 

Today we're going to be talking about the iOS 15 update, what it means for email marketing, and what it means for us as online business owners.

If you haven't heard about the iOS 15 update, this is what's coming:

Apple users, sometime around September-November this year, will be able to hide their IP addresses, and they will be able to privately load their emails. This means that emails are now going to be routed through a proxy, pre-loaded by Apple, and then fed into the Mail app.

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