Here’s what you’ll learn:

Time Management

How to Optimize Your Calendar for Efficiency

We’re not going to talk about batching tasks or theming your days. Instead, I’m going to show you how to look at your calendar from a new perspective. I call it the Aerial View.

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responsibilities vs. projects - the lowdown

Understanding the difference will literally change your life. This explains why you always feel like you never get anything done, plus it will forever change the way you view and plan your life each week.

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how to actually fit everything into 24 hrs

I’m going to show you how to take all the loose ends of your life and weave them into one, cohesive strategy for managing your week. Never wonder how you’ll find the time to clean, exercise, etc. again!

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How to plan your tasks & complete them on time

I’ll show you my agile system for achieving my goals, hitting my monthly milestones, planning my projects each week and mapping my day for success.


Busy to Productive

This simple mindset shift will force you to gain the clarity you need to actually move the needle on your goals. Every. Day.


how to Achieve
max momentum

Once you’ve established these 5 strategies, it’s time to move to Phase 2: creating an operations manual for your life.

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I honestly thought Katie’s Calendar Optimization System was kind of genius and
”why hadn’t anyone thought of doing this already”.

These strategies helped me design a week that maximizes my time. Every hour, every minute has a purpose and it’s made me become more effective.
I’m finally getting results!
— Christine Rosko, Lattes Life & Luggage

What’s Included with this Advanced Training?

For you to achieve your full potential, you need to have the right systems in place to make everything you want to accomplish, possible. During the masterclass, you’ll receive the templates, live demos, and personalized advice you need to make it happen.


free template to design your own aerial view.

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get answers from an expert in real time.

live demonstration of how to plan your week.

Meet Your Instructor

Katie matusky | life strategist

Hi there! I’m Katie and I’m on a mission to redefine what work/life balance means for modern women.

I designed this masterclass to help busy women, like you, figure out how to finally achieve their potential. Not only will you get actionable strategies for getting more done in less time, you’ll finally understand why you’ve been feeling like your drowning in to-dos and never have enough hours in the day. If you’re ready to get your time, energy, and sanity back, sign up now!